At present, Alfred Almond Central School (AACS) alumni and friends have the opportunity to donate to several funds which are then used to provide scholarships and awards to AACS students.   Generous gifts and donations assist in making great opportunities happen.  The following describes our funds:

Alumni Association Founders – Jean Hanks Palmiter/Dale Lorow Scholarship

These scholarships evolved from the very first awards that the Alumni Association presented back in the 50s and 60s, when plaques and a $25 savings bond were presented to two graduating seniors in memory of Jean Hanks Palmiter, ‘44, a driving force in the formation of the Alumni Association.  These awards were increased to $250 each, and in 2001, the AAAA was able to present three graduates with $1,000 each.  Just seventeen years later, in 2018, sixteen seniors each received $2,000!

In 2018, this scholarship was renamed the Alumni Association Founders Scholarship to honor Palmiter and Lorow who kept the Association going for decades. Any AACS senior who has maintained at least an 80% average throughout their high school years,  who has attended AACS two out of four high school years, and is planning to attend  college as a full time student is eligible to apply. 

The Juanita Whitaker Pulos Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was set up by her sons, William, ‘73 and Robert, ’75 in 2006 to honor their mother, an AACS music teacher who made a lasting impression in this area for nearly four decades. It recognized a student who was pursuing further study in music, visual arts, or theater/drama.  In 2016, the contract was amended to extend the program as the original ten year contract had expired. Future years, through the generosity of the Pulos brothers and other donors, the scholarship will be given to two students who have participated in one or more fields of vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, theater/drama and intend to pursue those fields.  If no such candidate exists, in priority listing, those pursuing teaching, social sciences, and liberal arts at a four year university will be eligible.

The Rachael Amato Baldo/Tom Murphy Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2010 by Dr. Glen Feltham, ’84 to honor the memory of Rachael and Tom, who were members of his Class of 1984.  A student who is entering  a two or four year college program of health care/health science study and expresses a desire to major or minor in one of those fields included but not limited to nursing, medicine, athletic training, dentistry, physical therapy, speech therapy, exercise science, biological or neuro sciences is eligible to apply for this award.  It is given to one student annually, and is funded by generous contributions by Dr. Feltham and by alumni donors. 

The Greg Norton Memorial Scholarship

Initiated with the academic year ending June 2012 and initially funded by Scott Yelle, ’86, this scholarship is in memory of Greg Norton, ‘86  a fine athlete who was well liked by all.  Greg lost his life in a car crash in August, 1988. This scholarship recognizes one AACS senior who participated in two or three sports for four consecutive years, and who displayed outstanding leadership qualities such as honesty, integrity, courage, a sense of humor, charisma, competence and self-discipline.  Student applicants must have a minimum of two letters of support to qualify.   This scholarship is funded annually by Scott Yelle and by alumni donors. 

The Anne Wenslow Memorial Scholarship

Established as a new program in June 2016, the Anne Wenslow Memorial scholarship was initially funded by her family and matching corporate gifts.  Anne was active in the Alfred community for many years as a 4-H and Boy Scout leader, counselor, tutor, and a member of multiple not-for-profit boards.  Her greatest contributions to the community were her many acts of support and encouragement outside of official roles.  This scholarship is awarded annually to one senior who has committed to outstanding service in the Alfred and/or Almond community outside of school-sponsored functions.  Student applicants must have a minimum of two letters of support to qualify.

Jim Baker (Sports)/Arlene Roberts (Fine Arts) Summer Camps

Summer Camp donations are used annually to assist underclassman who wish to attend an athletic or fine arts/technology camp.  Students must fill out an application that is presented to the AAAA board. 


Undesignated funds are used in several ways, including supplementing scholarship and camp awards funds, and covering other operating costs. 

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